Brands we work with - Koha Apparel

Koha Apparel Logo overlaid St Kevins Arcade in Auckland

At Finn, an important part of our mission is to #seeksustainability, and embed solutions into our business model that leave a net positive mark. Where we can turn dial doesn't sit in one area, or solely in how we supply goods. It also lies with raising awareness and providing opportunities for the consumer after sale and throughout a garments life.

Recently, we came across a local Auckland initiative called Koha Apparel, which we are proud to be teaming up with.

Introducing Koha Apparel

Koha Apparel is a not for profit clothing pop-up that runs every week throughout Auckland. The purpose, which is two-fold, aims to clothe those in need through a dignified retail experience while also reducing landfill.

Koha's store utilises a pay-as-you-can system which allows the vulnerable people in our community to access clean quality clothing. They can pick two items from the store for free - an experience they potentially otherwise would not have.

Where do I fit in?

Koha wants your unwanted clothes that would otherwise be destined for the landfill. Whilst it's easy to just throw your clothes in the garbage, it is not very good on the environment, and most of the time these clothes are useful to someone in need.

Great, how do I get my clothes to Koha?

If you're in Auckland, it's super easy and there are a few options.

1. Drop off or send to Koha in Grey Lynn

You can get in touch with Koha by sending a quick direct message via their Instagram account here. They will liaise with you on the best time to drop off to their address in Grey Lynn.

2. Drop off or send to Finn

You can alternatively get in touch with us, send us the goods, and we will do the ground work for you. Email us at

If you're outside of Auckland, but still keen to donate your clothes, get in touch with Koha as per the above.

Is there anything they won't take?

Koha is keen to receive as much useful male and female clothes as they can get. That said, they've set out some rules below.

  • All clothes must be clean and washed.
  • Koha will repair any holes and buttons, and accept slight pilling.
  • Koha will not take significantly soiled / stained clothes. Small, un-noticable stains are acceptable.


Think twice next time your clothes are heading for the bins. We are looking for similar initiatives in your city. If you know of one, give us a whistle at