The Chronicles of Finn

Our second Fellas of Finn feature is on Andy Bowie - serial adventurer, entrepreneur, overachiever and vision of men's health. 

He’s the Founder of My Auto Shop, a Fellow at On Deck, ex-Country Manager UberEats, and former NZ Freeski Coach & Selector.

We were lucky enough to draw the curtain on how he structures his life with respect to adventure and the outdoors, health & wellbeing, and his entrepreneurial pursuits. All that and more in the post.

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Our first Fellas of Finn feature is on Max Norton. The face of Queenstown, Finn’s first customer, 'Hot Dogger', and a serious contender for NZ’s flyest dad of 2020. He had an unexpected journey after a night on cherry vodka in Poland, and is sometimes mistaken for a mythological creature - but don’t let that fool you. All that and more inside the post.

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The need for laundry education is real. Catastrophes happen to innocent people. Just one slip up can leave your kit in tatters, and contribute to a serious global issue.

Many fine men have put their time to great work, but have failed to receive tips and guidance they need to excel in the laundry.

We paint the picture of what good and bad looks like, how you can level up your game to get the most out of your kit, and even reduce your environmental impact.

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