Our stance

At Finn, we've got goals for the planet and leaving a positive mark. To be fair, the fashion industry has found itself in a pickle. Hyper competitive ‘fast fashion’ has made moving unsustainable low quality goods the norm - with supply and consumption of clothing leaving a negative mark socially and environmentally. That doesn’t really sit well with us. With the Fellas of Finn who support us, we want to set an example.

We are careful about claiming sustainability tags, and we avoid falling in the green wash basket. ‘Sustainable’ is one word that means conserving ecological balance by avoiding depletion of natural resources. There are a lot of brands throwing this word around, but to comply with it, a brand’s sum operational activities need to be carbon neutral. A clothing brand claiming full sustainability is a rare unicorn, and if you find one genuinely achieving this, please tell us about them at hello@finnathleisure.com. We're keen to see what we could learn from them.

On that note, our ultimate goal is for our business activities and all purchases made to be carbon neutral. Before we go straight to throwing carbon credits around and claiming the prize, we want to have a good crack at finding and implementing solutions to reduce our footprint.

With that said, this page is about setting ‘sustainability’ as the big hairy audacious goal we strive towards. There are a lot of things we can do - some are low hanging fruit and others need more time. We want to be fully transparent with the bullseye we are targeting, what we have done to date, and where we are looking to next. We set this out below, and plan to report updates in Chronicles of Finn at an appropriate cadence.

Where we can turn the dial

We have decided to bucket our efforts into two areas. What we do in designing and supplying you the goods, and how we educate and facilitate opportunities for the fellas to set a good example.

Choosing the right suppliers 

We assess and select our suppliers on quality control, social and environmental efforts and accreditations. Suppliers don't necessarily have all the accreditations under the moon, but one prerequisite for us is if they have their house in order with a quality management system. Accreditation and association with certain social and environmental standards aren't always relevant right across the supply chain, nor have they traditionally been required by industry - if these are missing, we will seek validation through third parties and an assessment of premises and working conditions. The goal is to align all our key suppliers with reputable social and environmental standards, associations and accreditations where possible. If this is not possible or in doubt, we will realign ourselves.

Utilising the right fibres and fabrics

Our goal is to have an entire product mix cut from natural bio-degradable fibres or recycled synthetics. It is also important these are produced in a responsible, eco-friendly manner.

Product design

Design shouldn't be underestimated in its contribution to sustainability improvements. We have purposefully designed high-quality, long lasting, versatile staples. Our kit is intended to be simple and timeless, so it doesn't go out of fashion. Moreover, it's quality and versatility means you can use less clothing for longer. 

Packaging & logistics

As with the fibres and fabrics we utilise, our goal is ensure all packaging is biodegradable or recyclable, and produced in a responsible, eco-friendly manner.

Being a startup, logistics is one of the higher hanging fruits. As we scale, our situation will change with how we store and distribute goods. Our goal is to use eco-friendly freight options and minimise air freight where possible.

Educating best practice and facilitating opportunities for the Fellas of Finn.

Beyond supplying the goods as above, there is a lot we can do in levelling up everyone's awareness, helping you get the most out out of your kit, and what to do with it once your done.

Let's be honest, most of us need all the help we can get.