How Finn Was Born

Hey, I’m Matt, the Founder of Finn, a clothing brand out of NZ. We focus on stylish staples for guys that like to look sharp, feel comfortable and be ready.

Late in 2019, I left my corporate job on a mission to startup my own business. Over the years, I’ve got pretty fizzed about entrepreneurship and e-commerce has really spurred my curiosity. As a fairly creative kid, I always had this self-indulgent dream to start a clothing line.

In NZ, we are active, adventurous and love to travel. We have a great backyard for it. Quite often, I’d find myself packing multiple outfits for a days activities or weekend mission. Something for swimming, something for exercising, something for hiking, something for dining out, and so on. However, the trick in NZ and while travelling is that the activities are often seamless and spontaneous. You don't necessarily have the clothing you packed with you when you need it. It really sucks being hesistantly on the fence, just because you aren't wearing the appropriate stuff. Or just diving in, albeit uncomfortably. And let's face it, most of us avoid looking like a dork and stinking out the pub in our sweaty gym gear.

I chatted with mates and thought some more. All the things I packed were just slightly different renditions of staples. Some more performing, some more aesthetically pleasing. I thought, what if you could have one all encompassing kit for these missions - something that looked sharp, felt comfortable, dried quick and didn’t stink after getting a bit greasy. I also thought any brand we created needed to seek sustainable solutions, given the questionable state the fashion industry has found itself in.

So, I dived in.

Some say fashion doesn't mix with function. I say, cool mate - that is where Finn was born. We aren’t high performance athlete, but we are male model athlete and clothing to enable an active and adventurous lifestyle. In utilising the right fabric, crafting the right fit, and keeping things simple, we believe we are onto making style and function a mix made for the ages. At least for the Fellas of Finn that is.

Thanks for dropping by and reading our story. Be sure to check out our products, and follow the journey @finnathleisure on the gram. Here’s to your success and lifelong adventure.

Finn's Fashion Sherpas

What guides our mission to serve up stylish staples for your active and adventurous lifestyle?

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