We're an emerging New Zealand brand, which prides itself on serving up men's athleisure apparel for smart, functional, everyday comfort.

Through our brand and products, we're on a mission to help members of our community live their best lives - through a balance of health, fitness and outdoor leisure.

We challenge ourselves to seek sustainable solutions, with a goal to leave the planet in a better state. This is core to our decisions and shows up in our business, products, and the organisations we work with.

We started from an idea to simplify the wardrobe. Most days down under are filled with adjacent and often spontaneous active, leisure or outdoor activities.

For example, on weekend missions away, we found ourselves packing different combos of clothing suitable for one activity, but not the other. Often being caught out wearing the wrong stuff in the moment.

The active kit we had served a specific purpose, but felt a bit dorky and didn't really suit random stops at places like cafes and pubs. Equally, our leisure kit wasn't hitting the mark for our active and outdoor pursuits, leaving us partaking uncomfortably or hesitantly sitting on the fence.

We saw a gap in the market for men's leisurewear, with functional capacity for exercise and the outdoors. Everything we make is designed to look smart, feel comfortable, and serve a blend of these everyday activities for men out there getting it.

What guides us

Finn's Fashion Sherpas - the five legends who guide our mission.

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